Wednesday, April 16, 2014

reading / threading

Joseph Ceravolo made me wanna club
from the couch I had the sauce put on simmer
still swaying almost to where
the old crow has flown
scratch the inside of my ear
as if threading

for Amy

Like growth to seed I swam in her memory
In her apartment back in New York I fingerwalked
her bookshelf

I saw she read Cummings
I napped beside her
  we were waiting o the party

that was happening and already
   at the peak of my laziness
I chased the fields of her warmth

   yellow-white slumber
  sunlight scattering my

Later tucked poems
into the crate that held
records, notably, YMO.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

reading / writing

What I despair
at making absolutely clear
equally important
and active poets
I ain't that interested
I saw a bit of rain
and went right home
realizing later on the toilet
that I am missing Frank's

Monday, April 14, 2014


The people are out with their slaves.
 At times
I remember listening to some oldies hit and feeling empty.
Not sure if all information gathered
should become a part of the poem,

                      but thinking better on that.
                      How far can I limit
                      myself. Some instances
                      all it takes is a good body
                      Now with you in mind I come
                         back to society
Or more simply
study with some constancy
park complex urges or any verbal component
Listen to Todd Terje - Inspector Norse (dance)
poem is pamphleteering
my eyes for the arts, for bodies
all projections and faces in the coming year.

Remember that
Charles Olson
wrote 'jawn'
much earlier,
just ax him.

Before her

country grind coffee smells like

Old man house

I feel like you
should smell it

witches brew

definitely some
zen ass answer

our mind moving
with the

anytime he points
to the pad
I write.

it doesn't
make cold air
but it makes
air cold.

Dan is impractical
but gorgeous.

He used to see
clan hoods
  in the
negative space
of a pack of
they're there in the

Saturday, April 12, 2014

de la heaven

Was lost in de la heaven
Some architecture rounds out no more
I have met my match

All girls hustled into the capsule hotel
programmed as you've gotta move

   gotta go
      gotta go!
as all my boys raise hell
Our underground thang glows
what causes this effect, I don't know
I step ever forward in relation to

yr                                   dress.
    cosmic body in a sun

You can leave and shoot ten people
by the way you push so hard,
that's why you're not glued to yr seat

I go, 'where did that come from'
you think things are taboo, you won't
even respond to the myriad problems,
   funniest in life, this moment now
   race to my face

I see funny
what C U T
supposed to be

we may
look the same
but our grain
is different